Cromatico: Twin Cities-based vocal trio

po*lyph*o*ny: n. Music with two or more independent melodic parts sounded together.

Cromatico: n. Practical polyphony.

Cromatico was formed in winter 2010 by Alison Cromie (alto), Lindsey Lecher (soprano) and Emily Miller (soprano). Though the Twin Cities-based ensemble has its base in mid-Renaissance polyphony, Cromatico also specializes in music from a broad cross-section of cultures and historical periods, including American roots, Irish and the Romantic period, as well as Christmas carols.

The trio brings performances to life through theatrical costuming tailor-made for each occasion, be it a Renaissance festival, wedding, corporate event or Christmas extravaganza. Cromatico will work with clients on song selection as well as presentation to create performances that will delight your guests on both auditory and visual levels.

Cromatico is available to perform at your festival, wedding, private event or business. For more information regarding rates or bookings, contact us at 612-655-9357.

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